Monday, October 13, 2008

Life Links 10/13/08

It’s about time. The McCain campaign seems to have finally realized it’s time to seriously criticized Barack Obama’s voting record on abortion and the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. LifeNews has Sarah Palin’s full remarks. Time has a skewed “fact-check” on Sarah Palin’s remarks and the BAIPA issue but it includes for the first time (or at least as far as I can remember) in the mainstream media some of the text from Barack Obama’s nonsensical speech against the Illinois BAIPA (my guess is the writer, Michael Scherer, actually found Obama’s reasoning valid). The fact check doesn’t include any information about Barack Obama’s years of misrepresenting why he voted against the Illinois BAIPA, him calling NRLC “liars” or his campaign’s admittance of Obama’s misrepresentation. Both campaigns are unfortunately claiming BAIPA required providing medical treatment.

Another week and another reprogramming cell advance. This time without using any viruses.

Those Michigan specific diseases? Proponents of Proposal 2 in Michigan have no valid reason for why they can’t merely import embryonic stem cells from other states. Why do they have to kill human embryos for research in Michigan? Here’s the most recent example of their attempt to find a reason.
Biology Prof. Sue O’Shea said relying on out-of-state embryos is limiting.

“We would like very much to make disease models, to study diseases that Michigan people have,” she said.
Ummm.... Are there any diseases which are Michigan specific besides maybe being a Detroit Lions fan? I know this is a college paper but if someone said something like that, wouldn’t your first question be, “Well, what diseases do people in Michigan have that people in other states don’t?”

Meanwhile, obviously biased Detroit Free Press reporter Megha Satyanarayana has an article about Bill Clinton trip to Michigan to help raise money for Proposal 2. President Bush’s embryonic stem cell funding rules are said to have restricted “all federal funding for the work, with minor exceptions. Attempts by Congress to override Bush have been unsuccessful. Both presidential candidates have indicated they would overturn the ban.” The event included testimony from a young woman with a spinal cord injury who was treated with adult stem cells in China.

Proposition 71 in California promised Cures! Cures! Cures! Jennifer Lahl talks about how its currently more like Buildings! Buildings! Buildings!

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