Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life Links 7/25/12

Here's more information about the barrels filled with hundreds of unborn children found in Russia with video and a graphic photo of one of the children.

The 8th Circuit Court has upheld South Dakota's informed consent law which requires abortionists to disclose to women that abortion may increase their risk of suicide.
In Tuesday's ruling, the court decided that the suicide disclosure did not amount to an unconstitutional burden on abortion rights. Planned Parenthood had argued that the "increased risk" language in the law necessarily pointed to a causal relationship between abortion and suicide, and that such a disclosure places an undue barrier between a woman and a protected procedure.

They also argued that the disclosure violates a doctor's free-speech rights.

The court noted in its ruling, however, that while there is no causal link between suicide and abortion, there is a well-documented correlation.

That is enough to justify the language "increased risk," the court ruled.

"There appears to be little dispute about the truthfulness of the required disclosure," the opinion states.

An Australian abortionist who published advice on how to commit at home abortions has been found guilty of unprofessional conduct.
Dr Adrienne Freeman will not be banned from practising but will face yet-to-be-determined sanctions for her actions.

The Medical Board of Australia took Dr Freeman to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) earlier this year over her decision to establish a website that advised how women could terminate a pregnancy using a drug regime and without medical supervision.

The board alleged she engaged in misconduct by providing instructions for terminations that were unsafe, failing to warn users of the risks, and advising women on how to obtain an abortion drug without a prescription.

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