Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life Links 7/18/12

The Daily Beast has a puff piece on abortion clinic owner Diane Derzis.
After nearly four decades working in, running, and owning abortion clinics, both her champions and her opponents call her the "abortion queen." That Diane Derzis, the owner of the state's last abortion clinic, embraces that moniker is one of the myriad reasons Mississippi's prolife absolutists want to put her out of business.

Meanwhile Derzis' Mississippi clinic was inspected on Monday. We'll see if it has a number of violations like her now-closed Alabama clinic did.

The Windy City Times has this to say about recent prolife and pro-choice demonstrations at Daley Plaza in Chicago.
Pro-life groups Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Action League spent the day demonstrating against abortion with graphic images and large placards along Washington Street, while a truck with an anti-abortion image circled the plaza.

Advocates from NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) Pro-Choice America and the Chicago Abortion Fund countered the demonstrations with pro-choice posters and messages.

Pro-life demonstrators largely outnumbered the pro-choice groups.

"I know we are smaller in numbers, but we are big in spirit," said Benita Ulisano of NARAL.

Tantrum throwers State Representatives Barb Byrum and Lisa Brown gave the office of the Michigan Speaker 115,000 petitions with signers from pro-abortion activists from around the country (knowing the percentage that actually came from Michigan would be interesting) demanding Speaker Jase Bolger apologize for preventing them from speaking on the House floor for one day. Byrum and Brown continue to lie about why they were banned from speaking.
House Republicans say they disciplined Byrum and Brown, a West Bloomfield Democrat, on the final day of an emotional debate regarding proposed abortion bills, saying the pair engaged in undecorous conduct on the floor. Brown said she was banned later from speaking because she uttered the word " vagina," and Byrum said she was banned for shouting the word "vasectomy."
I find it amusing that pro-abortion lawmakers like Brown and Byrum who describe themselves as strong women but can't take a simple punishment for violating House decorum rules and have to carry this show on for like a month.

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