Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life Links 7/10/12

Another forced late-term abortion case in China is garnering attention.
Pan Chunyan's pregnancy was terminated at nearly eight months in April because she had violated the one-child policy, Beijing-based lawyer Zhang Kai said.
Her husband sought legal help after hearing about another recent forced late termination in Shaanxi province…..

"They already paid a penalty but the pregnancy was still terminated forcibly," Mr Zhang told the BBC. He said Mr and Mrs Wu's violation of the one-child policy did not give officials the right to terminate the pregnancy.

In an open letter published by US-based aid group China Aid, Mr Wu said "a group of people" took his wife "forcefully" to a local hospital on 6 April after a brief detention, where she was given an injection.

China Aid has an open letter from Mr. Wu about the forced abortion of his unborn child.

FactCheck.org finds that the Obama campaign is twisting Romney’s position on abortion in their latest ad.

In Colorado, a five-time DUI offender is responsible for a crash which injured a pregnant woman, her five-year-old son and killed her near-term unborn child.

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