Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another less-than-empowering abortion story

From Kelly Gray, a self-described "extremely pro-choice" volunteer with the Bay Area Doula Project:
I was 18 when I had my first abortion. For a week and to my surprise, I intended to keep my baby. Previously, I had never wanted children but I suddenly found my hand resting on my tummy, I took pride in my full breasts, and I looked keenly at young children while smelling their hair as they sat in my lap. I convinced myself that I was glowing. In time, about seven days to be exact, it became clear that my partner did not share my thoughts. My parents assumed I was calling Planned Parenthood, and when I hesitated they made an appointment for me at a private clinic. The doctor said, “You need to make a decision that will allow you to look into your own eyes, day after day.” I knew instantly that the ethical, responsible thing to do, as a pregnant mother, was to abort my pregnancy.
So she intended to keep the child until her partner disapproved, her parents made an abortion appointment for her and an abortionist talked her into an abortion. That's pretty much the opposite of empowering.

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