Thursday, May 26, 2011

Overheard: Steph Herold is sad she couldn't pay for woman's elective post-24 week abortion

Sometimes I think some abortion workers live in a world of their own.

Here's some more evidence for that pile from the Abortion Gang Blog.

Angela (name changed) was one such a case. She called our hotline when she was well over the legal limit for an abortion–over 24 weeks. She had been trying to have an abortion for two months, but because of various medical conditions and never having enough money, she was turned away from many local providers. She’s in a conundrum. She needs to have an abortion. The only provider that will see her is 5000 miles away, and that abortion is $9000, not to mention travel and lodging. Angela couldn’t afford to feed her children last week. Where will she come up with $9000?

There is no easy solution here. I wish I had a big bag of abortion money and could grant Angela the abortion of her dreams. Unfortunately, Angela couldn’t get that abortion. I wish I could’ve called Congress and put her on speaker phone. I wish I could call Henry Hyde and have him listen to her cry. My heart aches for her and for all women in her situation. Until politicians hear the voices and experiences of women like her, restrictions on this legal medical procedure will continue to roll out of Capitol Hill and states across the nation. Until the broader pro-choice movement embraces later abortion access as a matter of justice and equality, Angela and all women in her situation will continue to suffer, lacking the ability to get the care they need.
Does Steph really think that having a woman over 24 weeks pregnant cry to Henry Hyde would have made him think that tax dollars should pay for her late-term abortion? Are the voices of women who want post 24-week abortions really the best voices for the pro-choice movement?

Also, notice how the word "need" is used twice to describe a late-term abortion that Angela wants.


  1. I read stories like this and wonder why adoption is NEVER considered. Why at 24 weeks is abortion the only thing that anyone is talking about? How about waiting, delivering and giving up the baby for adoption? Guaranteed that is cheaper and easier than a late term abortion for $9000. The lack of logic is deafening.

  2. "The abortion of her dreams"

    I'm sorry, but what the hell?