Monday, May 02, 2011

Overheard: Abortion is the more admirable decision, pat yourself on the back aborting moms

At the Abortion Gang, Shayna shares her annoyance with receiving multiple ultrasound photos from her pregnant cousin and writes about how she thinks abortion is a more admirable decision:
I’m not sure whether I find the barrage of baby news and photos so obnoxious because it began upon conception or because of its sheer volume. It could be because, despite the fact that it is remarkably easy to conceive a child, her behavior indicates that it is somehow a daring or difficult choice. Yet, I believe, that it is so much more challenging and admirable to make the decision to not have a baby. To dare to put quality of life above “life,” to make the hard decisions that, unfortunately, no one will be sending you cute little pastel care packages for. It is so much more difficult to decide to have an abortion, to decide that you cannot have a child now, because, unlike the decision to have a child, there is no one there to pat you on the back, let alone legions of family, friends and acquaintances. As Mother’s Day approaches, though, if you are one of these courageous women, then please pat yourself on the back. Whether you have children now or not, know that you decision mattered, and that you deserve to be praised every bit as much as and more than those who decided to carry pregnancies to term.

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  1. Yeah, right. It is so much more admirable to kill your baby than to let it live. What sick drivel. But it shouldn't surprise us that Shayna tries to convince us of such rot. As an abortion provider, Shayna finds every baby born a financial loss to her and her industry. No wonder she thinks abortion is sooooo much more admirable than having the baby. Abortion puts more money in the pockets of her and her type. Having the baby does not. Those cute care packages, she'd rather they go to her in the form of more money in her pocket.
    This is why she finds "the barrage of baby news and photos so obnoxious." It represents a lost customer to her.
    We'll see how she feels about the baby after he/she is born, or 5 years after birth, or 10 years after birth. Will there be a point at which her heart will soften towards this child? Or will she resent him/her forever for not being aborted, and thereby depriving Shayna of more money in her pocket?