Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Louisville's abortion walk

Everysaturdaymorning has a post by a guest blogger who is an escort at an abortion clinic in Louisville and did a project for one of her classes in which she had her friend pose as someone having an abortion and videotape her walk into the abortion clinic through a corridor of prolifers.

The video also includes the friend talking before the walk about what she's expecting and after the walk describing how she felt.

In the video, a sidewalk counselor offers the friend a free ultrasound, says she wants to help her, offers adoption counseling, financial counseling, "whatever you need," tells her that her child is either a son or a daughter and that her child is valuable and precious. The sound gets muddled as the clinic escort speaks louder and they approach the crowd of prolifers. One guy says, "Hail Mary" and another woman says something about free ultrasound as they enter.

Here's how the escort describes the video:
When I first watched the video, I thought it was pretty tame. I’m kind of ashamed of that. I must be pretty desensitized to the situation if I thought that was as tame as I did. A few of my friends that watched it were pretty shocked. One cried. One said they couldn’t watch the whole thing.

One part I found very interesting is that at about 4:50 when the friend is discussing her experience, she talks about how even if the sidewalk counselor had "saved" her and says, "that kind of stress, that kind of panic can't possible be healthy for you or a baby."

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  1. I especially like it when she states that "these people treat other people like they were less than human," when referring to pro-life protesters. It's amazing how frequently pro-choice people state the obvious flaw in their position without realizing it.