Thursday, April 03, 2008

Life Links 4/3/08

Here's the next video from Lila Rose and the prolifers at UCLA who taped conversations with Planned Parenthood employees. The prolifers had a male caller act like he wanted to donate money for abortions on African-Americans and numerous Planned Parenthood employees were more than happy to oblige. The worst has to be call at the end of the video where the caller says, "The less blacks out there the better" and Planned Parenthood employee Irene Gray responds, "Yeah, yeah, it's a strange time for sure."

A 14-year-old girl in Texas apparently drowned her newborn child in a middle school toilet.
"We understand that the baby was alive when it was born and that the girl attempted to flush the child down the toilet. The child died as a result of these actions," said Lt. Eric Freed of the Baytown Police Department.

Another student who walked into the restroom heard the baby crying and ran to get the nurse and assistant principal. But by the time they arrived, officials said, it was too late.

Ross Douhat provides his thoughts on Chief Justice John Roberts and the chance he would vote to overturn Roe.

Jack Lessenberry, a pro-choice, pro-assisted suicide columnist writes about Jack Kevorkian's plans to run for Congress. The column confirms my notion that Kevorkian has been a crazy, old man for quite a while.

Speaking of Kevorkian, Stephen Drake of Not Dead Yet has posted the transcript of a FOX News piece on Kevorkian's run for Congress.

Phil Kadner of the Southtown Star discusses efforts at the University of Illinois to help pregnant college students keep their children and stay in school.

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