Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life Links 4/15/08

Two teens in Ohio have been found guilty of murder after assaulting a young woman and killing her unborn child.
Gibson said 18-year-old Kerria Anderson told Price she was pregnant with his child. Price learned he and Anderson were cousins and urged her to have an abortion. Anderson refused.

That's when the teens planned to beat Anderson until she lost the child, Gibson said.

Tests later revealed Price wasn't the father, but that wasn't until months after the attack.

The boys lured Anderson to an Over-the-Rhine apartment, where they kicked, beat and stomped her. Anderson went into labor and the baby was stillborn, Gibson said.

Students at New York University recently debated abortion. Here's one random nonsensical quote from a pro-choice student in attendance who lost a sibling to abortion:
"I think about the independence of women. I couldn't imagine having sex with a pro-life woman," one student said.

"License to Lie" is an interesting title choice for a post attempting to attack Choose Life license plates, especially considering that's what Michigan abortionist Alberto Hodari told a group of pro-choice medical students he had.

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