Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life Links 4/17/08

Jen from Turn the Clock Forward on Damon Wayan's "Abortion Man."
For those of you who would rather not watch the video and possibly generate ad revenue for its creators, here's the rundown: a woman calls her boyfriend to tell him she's pregnant. He pretends to be happy about the news; she's thrilled that he wants the baby, and starts making plans for their new family life. When he gets off the phone, he calls for help, and "Abortion Man" answers the call. Abortion Man accosts the young woman as she's walking down the street and beats and kicks her. Miscarriage hilarity ensues.

I really hesitated to post this, because I know that giving the creeps who made this video more publicity is exactly what they want, and will let them claim they're "edgy". But we need to speak up and let them know that they're not edgy or funny or clever; they're just misogynistic bullies.

The Council of Europe calls for "safe and legal" abortion for all women in its 47 member states.

Mike Long from Political Mavens makes a point regarding Yale student Aliza Shvarts and her attempt to make her repeat abortions into art.
As I've said before, if abortion is simply just another medical procedure, as "pro-choice" advocates insist, then they have no grounds to object. She might as well be plucking hairs from her head to make a pillow.

California's embryonic stem cell agency appears to be taking credit for research they didn't fund. They funded some of the scientist Catriona Jamieson's work with embryonic stem cells and then tried to take credit for funding her successful work which had nothing to do with embryonic stem cells. I guess when you fool the public into wasting $6 billion of their tax-dollars on embryonic stem cell research, you've got to act like they're getting something for their money.

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