Friday, April 18, 2008

Abortion art was all a scam, says Yale. No it wasn't, says student

Yale University has released a statement a Yale spokesperson claiming that Aliza Shvarts' "art project" is a hoax:
Ms. Shvarts is engaged in performance art. Her art project includes visual representations, a press release and other narrative materials. She stated to three senior Yale University officials today, including two deans, that she did not impregnate herself and that she did not induce any miscarriages. The entire project is an art piece, a creative fiction designed to draw attention to the ambiguity surrounding form and function of a woman’s body.

She is an artist and has the right to express herself through performance art.

Had these acts been real, they would have violated basic ethical standards and raised serious mental and physical health concerns.
Shvarts, however, is sticking to her story in a new article in the Yale Daily News.
But Shvarts stood by her project, calling the University’s statement “ultimately inaccurate.”....

But Shvarts reiterated Thursday that she repeatedly use a needleless syringe to insert semen into herself. At the end of her menstrual cycle, she took abortifacient herbs to induce bleeding, she said. She said she does not know whether or not she was ever pregnant.

“No one can say with 100-percent certainty that anything in the piece did or did not happen,” Shvarts said, “because the nature of the piece is that it did not consist of certainties.”

This afternoon, Shvarts showed the News footage from tapes she plans to play at the exhibit. The tapes depict Shvarts — sometimes naked, sometimes clothed — alone in a shower stall bleeding into a cup.

Here's the AP story on the controversy. Note the quote from NARAL spokesman Ted Miller.
Groups both for and against abortion rights expressed outrage over the affair.

Ted Miller, a spokesman for NARAL Pro-Choice America, called the concept offensive and "not a constructive addition to the debate over reproductive rights."
Why Ted? If abortion is just another simple medical procedure that women have the right to, what's wrong with intentionally getting pregnant for the purpose of inducing abortions?

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