Monday, April 14, 2008

Life Links 4/14/2008

Here's the full text of Senator Clinton's and Senator Obama's remarks at the Compassion Forum.

I, like Jill Stanek, wish the presidential candidates would be asked to explain their positions and reasoning on life issues a little more with some follow-up questions. If "I believe that the potential for life begins at conception" doesn't necessitate a follow-up question, I don't what does. Clinton also claims that laws against abortion would be very difficult "to sustain in our kind of open society" as if there weren't laws against abortion in various states less than 40 years ago or as if there aren't currently prolife laws in a variety of open societies.

The new New Atlantis is up and includes a piece by the editors on John McCain's position on embryonic stem cell research and an article by Yuval Levin on science and the left.

Abortion clinic protestors in Rockford, Illinois have posted this video (warning: lots of n-word usage by the pro-choicer) of a local pro-choice man verbally attacking them. Besides swearing, calling one of the protesters the n-word numerous times, the pro-choicer neighborhood resident also calls the protester a "confederate" and a "degenerate." He also yells to a woman who apparently is on her way into the abortion clinic, "You're doing the right thing. God will honor you. I believe in you mom."

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