Thursday, August 24, 2006

Scientific Evidence Please

I think I can echo Funky Dung in his frustrations over how many prolifers are handling the over-the-counter approval of Plan B, also known as emergency contraception.

Over and over and over again I see claims that this drug prevents the implantation of a human embryo yet over and over and over again I see no scientific studies provided to back up this assertion.

Before declaring that Plan B prevents human embryos from implanting, we need to look at studies which have been done on Plan B to see if it actually prevents implants. Funky Dung did this back in June.

There are a number of reasons to be opposed to selling a strong dose of a hormonal drug, whose long term side effects haven't been studied, over-the-counter and I think Janice Shaw Crouse does a good job of outlining some of them. But I've yet to see evidence from scientific studies which shows Plan B prevents the implantation of a human embryo. If you're going to assert Plan B prevents the implantation of a human embryo, make sure you have the scientific evidence to back it up. Provide some solid scientific evidence that Plan B prevents implantation and I'm with you but please don't assert something without the scientific evidence to back your claims up.

P.S. Just because Judie Brown or Fr. Thomas Euteneuer say something is an abortifacient doesn't make it so. Saying the makers say it might prevent implantation is not a scientific study. American Life League's attempt to prove that Plan B prevents a human embryo from implanting is question begging (assumes Plan B prevents implantation), overly simplistic (12 hours is equated to one day) and fails to recognize that Plan B often fails to prevent pregnancy and its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy drops the longer it takes a woman to take Plan B after intercourse.

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