Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Announcing Your Abortion - For Thee But Not For Me

Michael Medved has a blog post discussing an interview he recently had with Ms. Magazine's Katherine Spillar. Ms. Spillar is "currently leading an effort to persuade millions of American women, including prominent celebrities, to sign a petition that proudly announces their past abortions."

After she compares abortion to a tonsillectomy, Medved asks Ms. Spillar if she, as someone who's leading an effort to get women to announce they've had abortions, has had an abortion.

Her response: She refused to answer the question.

Medved writes,
"Under the circumstances, I think her refusal to answer counts as more shameful than either a "yes" or a "no." If she's right that abortion is no more significant than tonsilectomy, why shouldn't she talk about her own experience with this procedure? If she had asked me about my tonsils, I would have admitted with no hestitation at all that I had them removed (and consumed prodigious quantities of ice cream during my recovery) as a little boy.

Either Ms. Spillar is embarrassed because she had an abortion (in which case she's ashamed of the same experience she wants less prominent women to admit), or else she's embarrassed to say that she DIDN'T have an abortion --- an indication of even more depraved and twisted thinking. If she had never participated in ending life in her own womb, it's bizarre to think that she'd feel reluctant to admit her own lack of guilt."

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