Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Life Links 8/22/06

Mary Kenny: To be a burden is to be truly human
Dear me. How pitiful to have lived for over half a century on this planet and not to have observed that the very core of being human is admitting of dependence upon others. There is such a thing as society, and we are all part of it. Our interdependence is part of our humanity, and indeed, our civilisation...

And to care for the sick and old and dying through the last days of their journey through life is the very mark of civilisation itself.

In discussing the article above, Wilfred McClay writes at First Things writes at First Things
Abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, the cannibalization of embryos—all these things are linked, but they do not reflect a desire to promote death per se. Instead, they reflect a world in which the overwhelming desire of the sovereign individual will to have its way, and to order and manufacture a world it can live in without let or hindrance, is regarded as the chief source of value, or at any rate the value that trumps all others.

An article about a study which hopes to use adult stem cells to repair damaged knees.

Australian scientist Ian Frazier mentions how scientists have to "peddle hope" to get funding.

Adult stem cells are part of a treatment plan which "can provide long-term survival in approximately half of patients with high-risk neuroblastoma."

It appears the funding of embryonic stem cell research in Connecticut is facing ethical dilemmas similar to California with regards to who decides who gets the grant money.

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