Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How Pathetic is NARAL?

Tired of seeing polls which show the large majority of American's want more restrictions on abortion, NARAL created their own poll and are now claiming that 77% of voters agree that politicians should stay out of the "personal decision" to have an abortion. While NARAL only provides a brief summary of the poll conducted by Lake Research Partners, anyone with a whiff of intellectual honesty would admit that the phrasing of the questions provided is unabashedly biased. Lake Research Partners is headed by Celinda Lake, an abortion advocate, who seems to specialize in telling pro-choice organizations/politicians how to frame issues including partial-birth abortion.

NARAL really doesn't care what voters and the public think about abortion and this poll is evidence of that. They care about persuading the public that abortion should continue to be legal and as unrestricted as possible, and one of the ways they attempt to do that is by creating biased polls so they can say, "Look the majority agrees with us." All of NARAL's polls and previous attempts at how to best communicate the pro-choice message are largely focused on fooling the public with the smoke and mirrors of words like "personal" and "private" which they hope the public will find acceptable and trying to steer clear of talking about what abortion actually is.

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