Monday, December 20, 2004

SNL cartoon

Michelle Malkin is posting about a cartoon that ran Saturday night on Saturday Night Live. She gives the final word to Ace of Spades who I believe is right on the nose.

The cartoon whether its purpose was to rip on conservatives or make fun of liberals was wholly unfunny. I didn't laugh once. This SNL cartoon (which aired on November 20th) was also unfunny and seemed like Red State hate. What happened to Fun with Real Audio or the Ex-Presidents? Those would at least have a couple of laughs. SNL has gotten so lousy this year that my wife and I usually make it thru the local news and its 4 weather updates before falling asleep on the couch after the first couple of SNL skits. Our hopes to make it to Weekend Update usually fail unless we're hopped up on Red Bull. It's sad that a show that used to be so good has become less entertaining than almost any half-baked reality show.

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