Friday, December 10, 2004

Pro-choice mother vs. prolife daughter

After Abortion is linking to a post at the house of dog about a column in Philadelphia Magazine.

The columnist discusses how her efforts to control her daughter's thinking about the abortion issue have completely failed. Her daughter clearly wins the argument when she asks, "What is the difference, then, between a fetus and a baby?"

Her mother has no answer except, "I'm not sure there is a difference."

The mother later goes on to discuss her own abortion experience. It seems obvious that the mother's position on abortion isn't based in rational thought but on her own experiences with abortion. Its like she's thinking "abortion can't be the killing of a child because I had an abortion and I would never kill a child." It must be extremely hard for women to admit that abortion is wrong when they've had one. My respect for prolife women who have the strength and courage to admit this and ask forgiveness for their abortion is up at least 2 fold after reading this.

It makes you wonder how many or what percentage of pro-choicers (especially active/vocal pro-choicers) have been somehow personally involved with abortion and shows how hard it can be to convince someone who has been involved in taking the life of their own child to admit that what they did was wrong.

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