Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More on Kissling

Both the Village Voice and the Washington Times have articles about Kissling's essay. It's ruffling a few feathers in pro-choice land.

Why? They understand what Kissling doesn't - that the pro-choice movement can't acknowledge the value of the unborn or they lose basically the entire foundation upon which their movement was built and currently relies. If the unborn are valuable, innocent human beings then intentionally killing them is a pretty tough sell to people who have a shred of rationality.

Kissling responds to the Times article here.

In the Village Voice article, Eleanor Smeal from Feminist Majority Foundation says, "I think if an 11-year-old is pregnant, it's a great relief for her to have an abortion. I happen to think it's a moral good to allow people to decide when they give birth."

Hey Eleanor, it might be a greater relief for that 11-year-old (that's elementary school-aged child by the way) not to be raped. But abortion providers often don't report rape when they should.

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