Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Granholm and SB 72

Michigan's pro-choice governor, Jennifer Granholm is now being faced with what most people would consider an easy decision but I'm not so sure it's easy for her. Senate Bill 72, has passed the Michigan Senate by a vote of 26-8 and the Michigan House by a vote of 99-0, garnering quite a few pro-choicers along the way.

This pro-life, pro-woman bill would use private donations to "provide grants to encourage certain institutions of higher education to establish and operate a pregnant and parenting student services office for pregnant and parenting students attending the institution." This office would help these young women find the resources in their community that would help them stay and school and care for their child. The program would start as a two-year pilot program on 2 universities and 2 community colleges and then hopefully expand after that.

The bill has faced limited opposition because no one can make a sensible argument against helping pregnant college women who want to keep their child and continue their education. As far as I've seen, only NARAL's Michigan affiliate has attempted to oppose this legislation. Their website doesn't really supply any reason for their opposition except for "The bill prohibits abortion referrals in the campus programs."

It's not like the university can't have a health office that refers for abortion but MARAL is still upset because this new office, designed solely for women who want to keep their child, won't refer for abortion. So much for pro-"choice."

Granholm might be wary of signing this bill because of her support from EMILY's List. The large portion of money that EMILY's list brought in and their 3 before the primary mailings helped Granholm win the Democratic primary and general election in 2002. I don't know if they have a position on this legislation but if they're against it - my guess is that Granholm will be as well.

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