Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Abortion story

How many young women in America have a similar story to this one? The story about tryingtosmile's abortion experience is towards the bottom.

Some excerpts:
"I was anxious, tired and starting to feel the symptoms of my pregnancy. I started having second thoughts, but I fought them off. I worked late to get things off of my mind, but I was 95% sure that I wanted to go through with this. To me this felt like a ball and chain weighing me down. I finally told my sister (the one with twins) and she cried on the phone and begged me not to go through with it. My ex-boyfriend brought the money over for the abortion. We talked some more about what the procedure was and how I would probably feel afterwards. He looked really sad and stated that if he was stable; he would help me with the baby, that is, if I really wanted it."

"It’s finally a reality that I killed my child, my flesh and blood. I tell my close co-worker (who had an abortion as well) and she told me that I made the decision and I should just pray. To make a long story short, I cried every time I thought about it and especially when I talked to my mom about my nieces and nephew’s Christmas gift. This is a niece or nephew that my siblings will never see, a grandchild that my parents will never know and a child that I will never see grow up."


"I do know that if I ever get pregnant again, I will not have another abortion. It’s just too painful."

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  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    thank-you for sharing your story with all that read it. Now I can use yout story to help with my argument so once again thank you.