Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Watching the coverage of Scott Peterson trial on the Today Show as I'd iron my slacks in the morning throughout the last however many months I can't recall one time (even though I'm sure they might exist) that Conner was called a "fetus." "Unborn child," "unborn son," and "child" seemed to be the norm of how Conner was referred. The media love to attempt to dehumanize "unwanted" unborn children but when it comes to unborn children who aren't in line to be aborted, the media often portray them as human beings.

This morning I heard something interesting that caught my attention. Katie Couric was previewing her interview with Elizabeth Edwards regarding her breast cancer and talked about when Mrs. Edwards found out. Instead of saying, "On the day John Kerry and John Edwards conceded their election loss" or "on the day that George Bush announced his election victory" or any other phrase that would signify that Kerry-Edwards actually lost, Katie says something along the lines of "on the day that they gave up their fight for the presidency" (don't quote me). Maybe its me overreaching but it seemed to be another example of media bias where Katie had to add in there was some kind of controversy over who actually won the election.

Big news of no surprise to those in the prolife movement about the dangers of RU-486. So much for "Safe and Effective." Planned Parenthood is defending the drug with this lame statement from Vanessa Cullins, one of their large salaried V-Ps. She says,

"At Planned Parenthood, our number one priority is the health and safety of our patients and we support responsible safeguards for women's health.

Medication abortion is extremely safe and effective and was approved by the FDA after a rigorous scientific screening process. More than a million women worldwide have used medication abortion safely."

Yeah right. Support responsible safeguards? Rigorous screening process? You mean the fast-tracking baloney under Clinton that didn't include specific testing on minors even though minors were obviously going to be taking the drugs.

It's interesting that Planned Parenthood, where Holly Patterson got her abortion, wasn't following the FDA guidelines for the use of the drug cocktail. Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups will fight tooth and nail to keep this drug on the market regardless of its safety. As abortion doctors age and less doctors are being trained to perform surgical abortions, they need RU-486 to convince non-abortion providers to become abortion providers without having to get them into the grisly practice of vacuuming the children out of the womb.


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  2. Thanks Tim. I e-mailed the person in charge of Pro-Life Blogs a few weeks ago (after I had recently started) and he said to try again in a month because a lot of bloggers quit after a short period of time. So I think I'll e-mail him again in a little bit.

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