Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bloggers to blame?

Bloggers are now being blamed for the bad exit polls here

Instead of focusing on why the exit polls were off (bad polling practices, violence and intimidation by lefties, the idea often fostered by the media that people who would vote for Bush are dumb) or maybe think about scraping the practice of trying to predict who will win based on them and just focusing on the reasons for voting, etc., main stream media is now blaming bloggers for sharing the information about the exit polls. This is ridiculous as major television stations on election night were also talking about the exit polls. Remember Susan Estrich. Sounds more like envy to me. Sounds like they're mad because the bloggers are more flexible, quicker, and smarter and can get news out to their readers faster than MSM can.

Would the bloggers be blamed if the exit polls were right? This is an obvious attempt to kill the messenger instead of focusing on the real problem with the exit polls.

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