Monday, November 22, 2004

Big media display ignorance or arrogance again?

I love to read newspaper articles online about stem cell research because they show me exactly why so many people are completely confused about this issue. This article in the Houston Chronicle informs me that embryonic stem cells come from fertilized eggs.

That's news to me. I mean, a fertilized egg, aka zygote, is only one cell so how do they get all these stem cells (plural) from a fertilized egg (singular)?

Oh yeah, that's right. Human embryonic stem cells actually come from 5 to 7 day old human embryos and not from human zygotes aka "fertilized eggs" by individuals who like to dehumanize the unborn and confuse readers.

The article also is very brief with what type of stem cells the featured scientist, Ping Wu is working with. It tells us that she received a bunch of fetal stem cells from an aborted child in 2000 but never really tells us if she is still working with fetal stem cells or adult stem cells.

The abstract of Wu and Svendsen work is also not 100% specific. It says they used "Human neural progenitor cells (hNPCs)."

A brief Yahoo search seems to indicate that these cells can come from adults, embryos, fetuses, and even dead adults.

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