Monday, November 15, 2004

Strengthen cloning ban by legalizing cloning

That's what some pro-choicers in Michigan's state legislature are trying to do. Unfortunately, for Andy Meisner it's not going to happen because the majority of Michigan's state legislators are prolife. In a recent local comment in the Detroit Free Press, Meisner tries to garner support for his horrible legislation by misleading the reader in many ways.

The column shows the complete inability of some pro-choicers to come anywhere near a decent level of honesty regarding human cloning and human embryonic stem cell research.

He starts the column out by providing false hope and hype regarding embryonic stem cell research. He even mentions Alzheimer's which numerous stem cell researchers have said is not going to be cured by stem cells. One even called it a "fairy tale."

Then Meisner tries to confuse the reader about his legislation. He says that his legislation would "permit Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer, and retain and strengthen the ban on human cloning." The problem is that Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer is cloning. It is the same cloning technique that created Dolly the cloned sheep. How can we strengthen Michigan's ban on human cloning by making human cloning (Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer) legal? It makes absolutely no sense. Meisner is either ignorant (he isn't) or he is clearly trying to fool people who don't know what Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer is. To him, "stregthening the ban" means redefining "cloning" to only mean cloning whose goal is to bring a child to birth and adding 5 years of prison onto the current 10 year sentence.

The editorial also says, "We should study those embryos, and possibly cure disease." If Mr. Meisner's legislation passes, human embryos won't be studied. They will be killed for research purposes.

The editorial also claims that the "embryos used in this research are best utilized at the early moments after their cultivation, long before any signs of humanity, such as an organ or brain waves, exist." Mr. Meisner's legislation, House Bill 6354, edits the current state ban on human cloning and embryonic stem cell research to make research on any human embryo, regardless of age, legal. Human embryos become human fetuses at the end of the 8th week after conception. At this time, all major structures/organs of the human embryo's body have begun to form and the face of the human embryo clearly looks human according to embryologist Keith Moore in his embryology textbook, The Developing Human.

Meisner concludes his illogical tirade by saying, "Now is the time for government to get out of the way of good science, for Michigan to compete for these needed jobs, and for our state to go on record in support of medical technology that could save and improve the lives of millions of Americans."

I love how embryonic stem cell supporters want government out of science but then they also want government(aka: Taxpayers) to have their hands in science enough to pay for this hyped research and all the researchers who'll be doing this destructive research.

As usual, no mention of all the diseases that have been cured or treated with stem cells from adults or umbilical cords. Surprise, surprise.


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