Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush wins!

November 2, 2004, will go down in history as a great day for conservative politics. President Bush has a solid popular vote and electoral college win (looking like 286), being the first President since his father to carry the majority of the popular vote with the highest turnout in the history of American elections. The GOP gains 4 seats in the Senate, including getting obstructionist leader Tom Daschle out of Senate and also gaining seats in the House. Filibustering prolife judicial nominees will be much harder for the Dems when there are 55 Republicans and one prolife Dem (Nelson). Amendments to define marriage into the constitutions of various states passed in all 11 states by fairly wide margins (even in Oregon). In Florida, voters put a parental consent law for abortion into the Constitution.

Not all good though. Its sad that the people of California weren't able to understand that spending 3 billion dollars of their money over 10 years on embryonic stem cell research was a bad idea. Scientists and ignorant political pundits will no longer be able say that embryonic stem cell research isn't getting its funding. With an average of $295 million a year from California (more than the federal government spent on adult and embryonic stem cell research combined last year) for 10 years, commentators will have no leg to stand on when their hyped cures don't happen. was great for election coverage. You could click on states for every race and get result of precincts reporting by county and know as much as all the commentators on TV. I was looking at the Florida information that had Bush up 5% with like 96% of precincts reporting and I'm wondering how the heck has Florida not been called for Bush when they're calling other states for Kerry that had similar % numbers but less precincts in.

It was great to watch scratchy-voiced Susan Estrich, former campaign manager for Dukakis, on Fox News last night. She was so cocky when all she had was the ridiculous exit polling results. Then when actual votes were in and Florida was for Bush and Ohio was leaning Bush she comes on still confident yet even more shrill and predicts that Cuyahoga county in Ohio will basically erase Bush's then 150,000 vote lead. Too bad it didn't happen Suz. I loved watching how higher % of Cuyahoga precincts were coming in but Bush was still up 100,00+ votes. Brit Humes kindness to her was so forced. Confidence is one thing but even most partisans are careful when making predictions.

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