Monday, February 21, 2011


I enjoyed this Washington Post letter.
Letter writer Tony Gorman [Free for All, Feb. 12] chastised The Post for characterizing prenatal surgery patients as "babies" instead of "fetuses."

I understand his indignation. While I was pregnant, I searched desperately at the store for the section of clothes for women accommodating a parasitic womb inhabitant. Oddly, I found only the "maternity" section.

Other events during my pregnancy were puzzling as well - when the doctor found the heartbeat, I convinced myself that it was simply a mass of tissue beating in a rhythmic fashion.

One night, while I was resting on the couch, a little foot-like impression appeared on my belly, from the inside out. I dismissed that; it simply had to be intestinal.

My friends and I enjoyed cupcakes and tea for my "fetus shower"; what a joyous occasion.

Goodness, all during the pregnancy, I just loved my little ba-, I mean, fetus.

Kerry Haslam, Alexandria

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  1. thank you for blogging my letter!!

    I just googled my name and saw it came up on a few message boards!

    Keep up the pro life fight!!