Monday, February 07, 2011

Life Links 2/8/11

The Los Angeles Times reports that unlicensed abortionist Bertha Bugarin could be released early from jail as part of plan to save California money.
Also likely to be released early, (Steve Cooley, a district attorney opposed to the plan) said, is Bertha Bugarin, who was sentenced to three years in prison after performing abortions with no medical training.

Here's a story (with video) about a North Dakota boy with cerebral palsy who was treated with his own stem cells in Germany.
Ethan Radtke’s parents promised him a trip to the Florida theme park if he could walk on crutches after having stem cell treatment in Germany in July for his cerebral palsy.....

The West Fargo boy surprised them, taking his first steps with crutches three weeks ago and steadily improving since then.

A Florida man who killed three adults has also been charged with killing an unborn child after an autopsy was performed on Nichole Cervantez, who was 5-6 months pregnant.

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