Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life Links 2/23/11

William Saletan has continued his piece on how pro-choice groups in Florida lobbied against abortion clinic regulations and how the lack of regulations allowed shoddy abortion clinics to stay open. In light of the Gosnell case, it really shows how abortion activists are all talk when it comes their claims about wanting abortion to be "safe."
The third scandal was worse still. More scrupulous abortion providers who considered the clinic unsavory had never filed a complaint or spoken out against it. A few months before the Herald article appeared, pro-choice activists who privately disdained the clinic had rallied to its premises to resist a pro-life blockade and to present a united pro-choice front to the media.

The cover-up effort extended even to the Herald story. In a letter representing three other clinic operators, Patricia Windle had asked the Herald's publisher to sit on the story until after the special session. Windle called the Dadeland clinic "wretched" but warned Sontag that "we don't want to give the hysterics weapons." She argued, as Sontag put it in her article, that "pro-choice advocates must maintain a hard line: that a woman is safer when abortion is legal. To acknowledge that in some instances women are still not so safe is to dilute the argument, to hand something over to the other side."

Two doctors in India have been sentenced to two years in prison for carrying out a sex-selection abortion. It appears the only reason they were caught was because they said the child was female when he was actually a male. This angered the family looking for a male child.

Legislation regulating abortion clinics which perform first-trimester abortions is headed for a vote in Virginia.

An illegal abortionist in Botswana who killed a woman is defending herself by saying that her illegal abortion practice is safe as long as the women don't lie about how far along they are.
Tshekiso argued that even though the accused conducted abortion on Maruping, the act is not the one which killed her because the accused had been performing this successfully in pregnant woman that were less than three months but never died.

“The deceased is the cause of her death because she deceived the accused telling her she was two months pregnant while she was five months in actual fact,” charged Tshekiso.

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