Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Woman, child die in crash on I-94

This is an incredibly sad story. A pregnant woman and her child died yesterday on the I-94 in Detroit when their car hit a pole and she was thrown out of the car. The child came out of his mother's body after the crash.
A 23-year-old pregnant woman died in a car crash on I-94 on Tuesday morning, along with her baby, who was ripped from her body along the freeway.

Shardae Homesly of Detroit was not wearing a seat belt as she rode in the front seat of her SUV, driven by her fiancé, Michigan State Police Sgt. Linda Mys said.....

But the 7 1/2 -month-old fetus Homesly had been carrying fell from her ripped-open body, Mys said.

"Troopers at the scene realized the grotesque scene in front of them," Mys said, explaining the rush to save the baby.

Mother and son were taken to St. John Hospital, where Homesly worked as a lab technician. Both were pronounced dead there.

The AP's version of the story in the Chicago Tribune calls the child a "fetus."


  1. I can only image the accident scene is going to give the first responders and bystanders nightmares. What a sad, sad story :(

  2. The Chicago Tribune is only following its own perverted logic in calling the dead baby a "fetus." The proabortion movement believes in a world in which women, to paraphrase Justice Kennedy, define their own reality. So if a woman WANTS the baby and believes its a baby, it's a "baby." If she doesn't want the baby, it's a "fetus" or something even less. So it's a totally subjective analysis of what's involved, and there is no intrinsic, objective truth, except, of course, if a prolife group wants to express its opinion that inconvenient unborn life may just turn out to be a Heisman Trophy winner, so a better "choice" is to not kill it, in which case it becomes inflammatory and divisive, and not at all a matter of subjective value, but something expressing a viewpoint that is "objectively" harmful and thus must be silenced. Got it? I don't.