Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life Links 1/19/10

A Navy officer has been charged with first degree murder after allegedly killing his pregnant girlfriend because she wouldn't have an abortion.
Investigators pulled the body of 25-year-old Samira Watkins from Bayou Grande on Nov. 3. She had been stuffed in a 36-by-17-inch duffel bag. Her face, from her mouth to her eyes, was covered in layers of duct tape. She was last seen alive Oct. 29.

Zachary Littleton, 25, a master of arms in the Navy, is accused of killing Watkins because she refused an abortion of a child he fathered. He is married and has a child. He had been held without bond.

A woman in Phoenix has been charged with first-degree murder after allegedly leaving her child in a trash bin.
Homicide detectives said Williams knew her child was alive when she gave birth at her parents' house at 19th Avenue and Roeser Road. She stayed with the newborn for moments in the early-morning hours Monday, police said, before she walked the newborn two houses away and placed it in a green city garbage bin.....

Arizona law allows mothers to drop newborns 3 days old or younger at any fire station or hospital without questions or repercussions. Emergency centers, adoption agencies and churches displaying "safe haven" signs also accept newborns.

I really think that some abortion advocates may be clinically insane. For example, here's Rebecca Sive at the RH Reality Check blog asserting that the Senate version of health care reform (which allows the the federal government to subsidize health care plans which include abortion) is like taking women back to the days before Roe v. Wade.
As I’ve previously written in these pages, in lockstep with their male colleagues, the 13 Democratic women U.S. Senators voted for a healthcare "reform" bill that, tragically, takes millions of American women back to pre-Roe v. Wade days, i.e., to daily life in which they will, odds-are, be unable to obtain an abortion, in their very own state.

A former employee is suing Pfizer for providing an unsafe work environment. She claims she was infected with an unknown virus while working with embryonic stem cells.
McClain, who worked at Pfizer for nearly a decade before being terminated in 2005, was employed in Groton's embryonic stem cells program when she said she became ill after being subjected to repeated noxious fumes coming from the hood of a device at Lab B313. She said her supervisor also became ill, but later conspired to cover up the incident, warning her that she "would lose her job if she made too big an issue out of lab safety," according to the suit.

McClain said she asked for a transfer out of Lab B313 because of ongoing health concerns. Later, she developed chronic fatigue symptoms, according to the suit, and discovered that a co-worker had been working next to her with a "dangerous lentivirus material and embryonic stem cells on an open lab bench without biological containment."

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