Friday, January 08, 2010

California abortionist ordered to stop performing abortions

A judge in California has ordered abortionist Andrew Rutland to stop taking part in surgeries (including abortion) until a formal hearing is held regarding the death of one of his patients.
Administrative Law Judge James Ahler stopped short of granting a request by attorneys for the Medical Board of California to immediately suspend the license of Dr. Andrew Rutland, opting to temporarily limit his practice instead.

Deputy Atty. Gen. Douglas Lee, at a hearing in San Diego, had argued that Rutland "committed repeated negligent acts in his care and treatment" of a 30-year-old woman who came to a clinic in San Gabriel in August seeking an abortion.

The patient, Ying Chen, had a toxic reaction to a drug administered by Rutland, Lee said, and the doctor did not have the proper equipment or personnel in case of an emergency. In a written decision, Ahler said that Rutland's willingness to perform a second-trimester abortion in a facility inadequately equipped for emergencies "casts doubt on his professional judgment."


  1. This story shows that oversight works! Bad abortion-docs are getting disciplined and weeded out, just like bad docs in ANY speciality.

    Next time I read a right-to-lifer saying "abortions are not regulated" or "abortion docs are dangerous" I'll point them to this story.

    Thank you, JJ, for posting it. It's good for us pro-choicers!

  2. OC,
    Did you read the story? Did you read how Rutland was already on probation and how his license was removed and then reinstated?

    Second, your logic is faulty. Oversight might work sometimes (like after a woman dies) but that doesn't mean it is always working. Just because every year a few abortionists get caught and punished for their extremely poor treatment of patients, it doesn't mean all sloppy abortionists are being disciplined.

    For example, have you read any news about Pierre Renelique. He's the former Florida abortionist who lost his license in Florida but then moved to New York.

    Or Alberto Hodari?