Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life Links 1/13/10

Investor's Business Daily has an editorial on the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine's (CIRM) move to switch its focus to adult stem cell research and away from embryonic stem cells.
Five years later, ESCR has failed to deliver and backers of Prop 71 are admitting failure. The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the state agency created to, as some have put it, restore science to its rightful place, is diverting funds from ESCR to research that has produced actual therapies and treatments: adult stem cell research. It not only has treated real people with real results; it also does not come with the moral baggage ESCR does.

To us, this is a classic bait-and-switch, an attempt to snatch success from the jaws of failure and take credit for discoveries and advances achieved by research Prop. 71 supporters once cavalierly dismissed. We have noted how over the years that when funding was needed, the phrase "embryonic stem cells" was used. When actual progress was discussed, the word "embryonic" was dropped because ESCR never got out of the lab.

Judge Warren Wilbert has decided not to block Scott Roeder's attorneys from using a voluntary manslaughter defense. Scott Roeder is accused of murdering abortionist George Tiller.
Roeder has admitted shooting Tiller on May 31, but said he killed him to protect the unborn. Kansas law defines voluntary manslaughter as the "honest but unreasonable belief" that the use of force was necessary in defense of another. It's called the imperfect self-defense.

A study from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences estimates that sex-selection abortion in China will lead to a gender imbalance of 24 million more men than women over the next decade.
The report is similar to other studies in recent years that warn of serious social problems because of the gap.

The official Global Times newspaper quoted researcher Wang Guangzhou as saying men with lower incomes would have trouble finding spouses in rural areas, leading to crime problems. The newspaper also said abductions and trafficking of women were widespread in areas with excess numbers of men.

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