Monday, January 11, 2010

Life Links 1/11/10

The Wall Street Journal has an articleabout Bart Stupak’s congressional district, abortion and health care.
"I can go back to my district [on some issues] and say I did the best I could, I tried," he said. "But on abortion you can't go back and say, I used to be right to life; now I'm pro choice. That doesn't work; it's either or."

The New York Times discusses jury selection in Scott Roeder’s trial for killing abortionist George Tiller.
Potential jurors who are adamantly opposed to abortion or who favor abortion rights -- and who acknowledge they look at this case with a bias from the start -- will likely be eliminated by the court without either side having to waste a strike, Anthony said. But it's the unstated biases of the rest that pose the biggest challenge to both sides.

Defense attorneys will be looking for the juror who during deliberations might say something like, '''You know this case isn't as simple as just convicting somebody for a murder; we have to think about social implications. ... We have to think about what in the system caused this person to have to come in and do this,''' Anthony said.

In the National Catholic Register, Donald DeMarco shares two stories he recently heard at the Catholic Medical Association conference.

The Daily Mail has an article on plastic surgeons using adult stem cells and fat cells for a kind of non-surgical face lift.
First, around 250ml of fat is removed by liposuction. Stem cells are extracted from half of this fat, while the other half is purified.

The two mixtures are then recombined and injected into the areas of the face - the cheeks, the hollows beneath the eyes and around the temples - that need boosting.

By the time the work is finished, the face will look puffy from all the injections and the swelling will take a good week to settle.

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