Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life Links 1/21/10

Justin Taylor has a video of John Ensign promoting the hope of Heartbeat International to rent a property that is on the same block as four abortion clinics.

Speaking of Heartbeat International, I wonder if Jessica Valenti from Feministing can read. She had a post yesterday of accusing Heartbeat of misusing Virginia’s special prolife license plates funds. She then links to a Washington Post story which says that one agency which Heartbeat lists as a pregnancy care center isn’t a pregnancy care center any longer. Nowhere in the story is there any evidence that Heartbeat provided license plate funds to this now defunct organization. They were apparently eligible for funding but if they never applied for funding since they aren’t a center anymore, I don’t really see how this is a big issue, or an issue at all besides maybe Heartbeat needing to update and edit its list slightly.

Anyway to get in a cheap attack on pregnancy care centers, huh?

Politco has an interesting piece on how Democrats are reacting to Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts. All those people voting for change in 2008 wanted a change for the better. I think they’ve come to realize, they got a change for the worse.

Ruby Lee Medina, a woman who allegedly used an abortion pill to abort her 28-week-old child and then put her dead son in a box under the Christmas tree is denying guilt.
“The stuff they’re saying is completely crazy,” Medina said. “They make me sound like some sort of monster who put her son in a box under the Christmas tree. None of that stuff happened.”

The police chief rebutted Medina’s claims.

“I was personally there at the house,” he said.

He also said witnesses have stepped forward alleging they were called to Medina’s house to assist in terminating her pregnancy.

“Her intent was to harm the fetus and try to hide it so that nobody would find it,” the chief said.

In South Korea, a woman and her doctor were arrested for an abortion which was allegedly performed three years ago.

NeuralStem has a press release noting yesterday’s treatment of their first patient with ALS using neural stem cells created from the spinal cord of an aborted child.


  1. Poor Medina -- I was able to flush mine down the toilet, thank God, so no one could prosecute me. :)

    Hey, happy new year.

  2. L. You're purposely being obtuse. Medina's pregnancy was beyond the point of viability, you know, where it could of survived when it was born (albeit with in a neonatal ICU), and the circumstances surrounding the death are suspicious, not your routine case of medical abortion or miscarrige, not that anyone's advocating proscecuting those women either.

  3. ...and thanks for tipping me off to the Medina story, which I ended up writing about on my own blog.

  4. Hi L.
    Long time no comment.

  5. I'm back in Tokyo -- hey, your daughter is adorable. I was sort of half-asleep when I posted my first comment above, so you might have totally forgotten that I wasn't even referring to an abortion.

    I think I stopped commenting here a few yeas ago, when I realized I was wasting too much time arguing with you about the difference between the NY Times' "correction" and "editor's note." I think I said, I need to go get out in the sunshine, or read a book to my kids to myself or something!

    My own daughter will be 13 on Sunday...time flies.

  6. Rachael -- Medina's story is sad on so many levels I don't even know where to begin.