Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pro-choice Canadian retracts comments about images of aborted children

This is interesting.

Jeanette Doucet, a former board member and volunteer spokeswoman for Canadians for Choice and (former? - yep on her twitter page she's looking for a job) executive director of Planned Parenthood Ottawa, admits she had no clue what she was talking about when she claimed graphic images used by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform were fake.
I described Mr. Ruba’s presentation to Ms Teitel as follows: “The first thing he does is show a movie – it’s a show of gore, images of a fake abortion not medically possible.”

I wish to retract my allegations that The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform uses videos which depict a “fake abortion” (which is) not medically possible”. I am not a physician or a nurse or a medical professional of any sort. I have no medical or professional experience in the performance of abortions. I regret any harm my remarks may have done to the reputations of Jose Ruba and The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform.


  1. The Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform has been known to threaten to sue anyone who says the abortion pictures were fake.

    Just saying! :)

  2. Oh sure, they retract it after it's said and done and the damage is done. You know how often I've heard the claim that abortion photos are fake? I hardly doubt the apology is sincere, they probably still feel the photos are fake, but are puttng on a show for good publicity (and probably because their lawyer advised it).

  3. Here's what you do:

    Say-- if the photos are fake, show the real ones.

    Show photos of fetuses killed by abortion.

    They never do.

    Because they know it's fake.

    Besides, I have abortionists quoted on my blog who say they're not fake.

  4. Suzanne,
    Do you have any idea if that's the case here?

    I was wondering about that because I couldn't think of another reason someone like Doucet would publicly retract her statement.