Friday, January 29, 2010

Life Links 1/29/10

Yesterday, Scott Roeder admitted on the stand to killing abortionist George Tiller and at the end of his testimony Judge Warren Wilbert ruled that the jury couldn't consider Roeder guilty of only voluntary manslaughter.
In his testimony, Roeder did not dispute any of the evidence brought against him by prosecutors. He admitted he bought a gun and ammunition, and took target practice in the days prior to Tiller's shooting.

He said he had thought about killing Tiller for years, even considering buying a sword to cut off his hands or hiding out like a sniper to shoot him walking into his Wichita, Kansas abortion clinic.

Roeder also acknowledged having carried a gun into Tiller's church on at least two occasions prior to May 31 and said he had considered killing other abortion doctors but that Tiller was his only "target."

Authorities in New York have released some more details about Kisha Jones' alleged attempts to kill the child of her husband's mistress. After tricking her into taking an abortion drug (which could have caused the child's premature birth), Jones then pretended to be a hospital administrator and tried to get hospital staff to allow a man to feed the child a "tainted liquid" she claimed was breast milk.

In New Jersey, a trial is underway where the defendant Ahmmad Johnson is charged with car jacking and then shooting his girlfriend's father (he survived) in a drive-by. He allegedly attempted to kill his girlfriend's father because he had convinced her to have an abortion. He also allegedly killed the car's owner, Piotr Raczek, after Raczek identified him as the car thief.

A teen in South Carolina will appear in court today after being charged with desecrating human remains for burying a stillborn child.
Officers with the Horry County Police Department were dispatched to a location on 17th Avenue North in Surfside Beach around 3 a.m. on Dec. 7 after pictures of the deceased fetus were discovered on the teen's phone. Other pictures shown to authorities upon arrival included what appeared to be a burial for the fetus.

Police say the mother of the 16-year-old girl went to an address on Woodwinds Drive in Conway, where she dug up the skeletal remains of the fetus herself.
Another story notes the child was less than 20 weeks old.


  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    The South Carolina story really underscores this issues with documenting still births. I have a cousin who miscarried at 16 weeks. She had no clue what she was supposed to do with the body.

    I wouldn't be at all suprised if the girl in this story was in a similar situation and just didn't know what to do with the body and did the best she could.

  2. Anonymous7:56 PM

    In reference to the SC teen... this was a stillborn fetus, less than 20 weeks in which the girl miscarried, it died in her womb. She didn't kill her baby, she didn't throw it in the trash or try to flush it down a toilet. She didn't dig a hole and just bury it. She didn't just forget. She took pictures and carried them with her. To some that may be twisted but it shows she loved the child she lost. She buried her stillborn child in the most respectful and compassionate manner, in a loving makeshift casket. Nobody, other than family, attorneys and law officials has known the real facts or circumstances, so without more facts, the judgment of the public and media should have been limited instead of so cruel and vicious! You should ALL keep this family in your prayers, let them grieve and let them reunite as a family! This is a loving, respectable and compassionate family! To those cruel and hurtful people who do NOT know this family... be careful throwing your rocks while you sit in your glass houses... that glass will shatter in your face one day! And for the record... this young girl was charged with "Failure to Report" and there was never an argument between the girl and her mother as Sgt. Kegler incorrectly stated to the media. The media should not report facts unless they are aware of truth, same goes for the public who speak viciously with no knowledge what-so-ever of the details! How is it LEGAL for a woman to go to a doctor for an abortion and that doctor intentionally kill the baby that is healthy and living inside the womb... they inject a solution to tear the fetus apart and kill it, suction it out, put it in a strainer (as the doctor in Charleston, SC... who was found not guilty) then put the remains in a kitchen disposal and grind the remains up or throw it in a trash can! And you find this SC teen cruel?? She made this baby a casket and placed flowers in it! How much more compassionate could you be for this young girl! God bless that entire family!!!