Thursday, June 26, 2008


James Trussell (if you recognize the name it's because I believe I've quoted him regarding emergency contraception in the past) on women and birth control pills:
"The Pill is an outdated method because it does not work well enough. It is very difficult for ordinary women to take a pill every single day. The beauty of the implant or the IUD is that you can forget about them."
Huh??? It is very difficult for ordinary women to take a pill every single day? Really? And what makes it so very difficult?

Are Trussell's standards for women so low he imagines this "ordinary woman" who actually struggles to remember to take a single pill every day? Because it's just so hard to keep the packet of pills on the bathroom counter and take one when you wake up.

Trussell goes on to admit something about emergency contraceptive Planned Parenthood will probably never concede because they make a sizeable sum from every unit sold.
"It is not reduced unintended pregnancies in America or anywhere else that has introduced it. There is so much unprotected sex you would have to use so much emergency contraception to make a dent," he said.
At least it appears the EC section of Planned Parenthood's web site has removed the ridiculous claim that "EC was responsible for approximately 43 percent of the decrease in the number of abortions from 1994 to 2000." That claim was on their site at least as late as January of 2007.

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