Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life Links 6/25/08

National Review has posted an excerpt from Jonah Goldberg's book Liberal Fascism on the connection between abortion, the eugenics movement and Margaret Sanger.
Sanger’s genius was to advance Ross’s campaign for social control by hitching the racist-eugenic campaign to sexual pleasure and female liberation. In her “Code to Stop Overproduction of Children,” published in 1934, she decreed that “no woman shall have a legal right to bear a child without a permit shall be valid for more than one child.”47 But Sanger couched this fascistic agenda in the argument that “liberated” women wouldn’t mind such measures because they don’t really want large families in the first place. In a trope that would be echoed by later feminists such as Betty Friedan, she argued that motherhood itself was a socially imposed constraint on the liberty of women. It was a form of what Marxists called false consciousness to want a large family.

A pro-choice blogger at Mermaid's Musings recently attended the "Annual Organizing Conference of the National Network of Abortion Funds" and lists 11 reasons given at a workshop for why the language of choice isn't adequate for the pro-choice movement "the Movement for Reproductive Justice." Some points I thought noteworthy:
5. Choice is a conservatizing notion. The women (and men) who struggled to make abortion legal in the United States saw it as a beginning, a first step in giving women the right to be full participants in our society. Instead, the tremendous backlash has made Roe v. Wade the pinnacle of our achievement; we have been fighting for almost four decades now just to hold on to legality - instead of pushing for access. The rallying cry in the late 1960s was "Free Abortion On Demand." Today, it’s "Safe, Legal and Rare." blah....

11.Choice is a sanitization that obliderates women’s sexual rights. Women need abortions because they have sex. It is consistently amazing to me how much our society denigrates women who enjoy sex (for sex’s sake, not for procreative purposes).
She closes by saying,
We need to assert Free Abortion On Demand, along with Universal Health Care, Free Childcare, and Human Rights for EVERYONE.

It's almost like some individuals in the pro-choice movement are so fervently "pro-choice" they can't remember that the language of "choice" was adopted because slogans like "Free Abortion on Demand" aren't really something even most people in favor of legal abortion believe in.

James Dobson may not like all of John McCain's positions but he really doesn't like Barack Obama's.

Police in Indiana have arrested two men for actions related to the shooting of Katherin Shuffield, a bank teller who was 5-months pregnant with twins. The shooting killed her unborn children.
Shuffield and her husband, Jason, issued a statement Tuesday through their attorney that said in part:

"We are deeply grateful to all of those at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department for the hard work required to find and arrest the two suspects.

"We continue to seek justice for the tragic loss of our two daughters. We will fight to change Indiana law to recognize both their lives and to punish those responsible."

Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi also plans to lobby the General Assembly to allow murder charges for unborn fetuses before they reach viability. Shuffield was five months pregnant.

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