Thursday, June 05, 2008

Life Links 6/5/08

Until Obama can provide a decent defense (or admit they were mistakes) of his inexcusable votes on Illinois’ attempt to protect children who survive abortions, posts like this and editorials like this are going to continue to present themselves. From the editorial in the Wall Street Journal by Daniel Allott:
Then there's Mr. Obama's aforementioned opposition to laws that protect babies born-alive during botched abortions. If partial-birth abortion is, as Democratic icon Daniel Patrick Moynihan labeled it, "too close to infanticide," then what is killing fully-birthed babies?
In "The Audacity of Hope," Mr. Obama denounces abortion absolutism on both ends of the ideological spectrum. That is audacious indeed considering Obama's record, which epitomizes the very radicalism and extremism he denounces.

The UK’s Telegraph has a story about a woman who tried to abort at 8 weeks only to find herself 19 weeks pregnant months later.
Miss Percival said: "Deciding to terminate at eight weeks was just utterly horrible but I couldn't cope with the anguish of losing another baby.

"I couldn’t believe it when the doctor said I was still pregnant, this was the baby I thought I'd terminated.....

"He may need an operation but as only one of his kidneys is affected he can survive. I still struggle to believe just what he has fought through. Now he’s here I wouldn’t change it for the world."

Michelle Malkin’s most recent column is on Planned Parenthood’s obscene profits.

Is it me or does Australian MP Ken Smith sound absolutely foolish for his comments about getting an e-mail with this picture of fetal surgery?

Physicians in Colorado have used adult stem cells during disc surgery on a man’s lower back.
Adult stem cells have been injected into patients' backs and joints to promote tissue growth, but it's the first time stem cells have been injected during a spinal surgery, he said.

The bone marrow cells used in Tuesday's procedure were harvested from the middle-aged male patient then brought to the laboratory where millions more were grown over three weeks using the patient's blood, Centeno said.

Tens of millions of the cells were then injected into the man's back during a discectomy, a surgery to remove a herniated or bulging intervertebral disk.
Unfortunately, the reporter (Julie Poppen) erroneously claims towards the end of the article that “President George W. Bush banned the use of embryonic stem cells in medical research in 2001 due to moral concerns.”

Researchers appear to have made more improvements in the technique of creating induced pluripotent stem cells.

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