Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life Links 6/26/08

If you’re going to hammer Obama on his position against giving basic rights to children who survive abortions (and this is something he should be hit hard on), I think you need to word your question/statement better than Bill Bennett did in this CNN segment.

I think Bennett is trying to say Obama’s position allows for the killing of born children who have been in the womb for eight months but he comes off as asserting Obama thinks killing children eight months after they’ve been born should be legal.

Despite Jim Wallis’ efforts, I sincerely doubt Democrats are going to come anywhere near accepting an abortion reduction plank in their platform anytime soon. If they did then some reporter might actually have the gall to ask a question like, “Why should abortions be reduced?” or “How will using tax dollars to pay for abortion help reduce the number of abortions?”

A government committee in Romania will decide if an 11-year-old girl who was impregnated after being raped by her 19-year-old uncle will be allowed to travel to Britain for an abortion. She is 20 weeks pregnant and Romanian law only allows abortions until 14 weeks. UPDATE:The girl has been flown to Britain for an abortion.

Another embryonic stem cell company, California Stem Cell Inc., is hoping to start clinical trials on human patients using embryonic stem cells next year. I love this quote from Hans Keirstead:
”Stem cells have the potential to treat every single human disease, but there's a lot that's over-pitched out there.”
Talk about over-pitching! Every single human disease?!?!?

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