Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life Links 6/19/08

Another abortionist is in trouble. This time it’s Hamid Sheikh in Kentucky. Ahhh... those caring, brave abortion providers:
Doctor Hamid Sheikh has already been indicted for allegedly billing Medicaid for abortions he performed, allegations he categorically denies. And now Dr. Sheikh is denying a slew of new allegations from the Kentucky medical licensure board, allegations which paint a picture of a hellish abortion operation.....

According to what seven of Sheikh’s unhappy former patients told the Kentucky medical licensure board, some of those abortions were excruciatingly painful, unsanitary and illegal.....

A 17-year-old reported unbearable pain while another woman claims Dr. Sheikh told her to “shut up” so women in the waiting room wouldn’t hear her screaming.

The state investigator looked at records of 22 patients, finding 8 apparently weren’t required to wait the required 24 hours for an abortion.

There were outdated medications and bio-hazardous materials removed during abortions that hadn’t been picked up in 12 weeks.
Sheikh denies the charge and told the television station reporter he retired earlier this month.

The number of abortions performed on girls under 16 in the United Kingdom is on the rise.
Official figures released today showed that 4,376 girls under the age of 16 terminated a pregnancy in England and Wales in 2007 — a rise of 10 per cent on the 3,990 abortions the previous year.

Among the very young, girls aged under 14, numbers have increased from 135 to 163, a jump of 21 per cent.

Marcia Baum’s Michigan tour of stem cell misinformation continues in the Upper Peninsula. Unfortunately, WLUC-TV 6 was to lazy to actually check to see if anything Ms. Baum was saying was actually true.

The crazy pro-choice pro-abortion comment of the week goes to Candian myspace user “Misha.”
In fact, if someone is even WONDERING if they should have an abortion, they most certainly Should have one.

You must think human life is precious? The same human life that is overrunning our beautiful planet until it is nothing more than a shattered mass of pollution and corruption?

I don't think people should even be allowed to have children at all, to give the earth a chance to heal. I know I'm being radical here but I don't care, it's out of love for life, not only human life but all life.

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