Monday, June 02, 2008

Life Links 6/2/08

Hah... "Welcome to the York Federation of Students: Where everything we know about freedom of speech, we learned from the KGB." By the way here’s another quote from Gilary Massa on the vote to ban funding for prolife groups.
This policy does not apply to religious organizations,” said Massa. “It only applies to groups whose sole purpose is to spew anti-choice rhetoric on our campus.”
But what about religious organization whose sole purpose is to spew anti-choice rhetoric?

Mark Steyn’s most recent column discusses sex-selection abortion, demographics and the attempts to silence university prolife groups in Canada.

At the RH Reality Check blog Wendy Norris has posted some statements from various clergy (6 against and one in favor) regarding the personhood at fertilization initiative in Colorado.

Dr. Phil Campbell’s statement would be laughable if his ignorance weren’t so sad but I think the statement that takes the cake for stupidity is Jann Halloran’s statement,“Until a baby is born, you don't know what you have.”

Yeah, because sometimes a submarine sandwich or a goldfish is growing in a woman’s womb and you don’t know what you have until it comes out.

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