Monday, June 16, 2008

"It is illegal, to a certain extent."

That's what one abortion provider in South Africa said after being questioned about performing abortions past South Africa's 20 week limit, according to The Sunday Times, a South African newspaper.
Registered medical doctors are performing illegal abortions in exchange for hard cash.

The Sunday Times uncovered two cases in one city this week.

Dr Nomgcobo Sangoni — a Shoprite/Checkers Woman of the year finalist — runs a clinic from her Sunnyridge home in East London that offers to assist women as heavily pregnant as 33 weeks.....

The Sunday Times spoke to a midwife at her house, who explained the procedure.

“You will have to sign this consent form. I will then give you four tablets every four hours, until the baby comes out,” she said.

The midwife admitted that some foetuses were alive. “Two months ago, a seven-months pregnant girl gave birth to a healthy baby ... The baby died within a few hours.”

Sangoni denied all the claims made by her assistant. But when Sunday Times conacted her by phome and visited her rooms, Sangoni and her midwife offered to terminate pregnancies up to 33 weeks.....

Foetuses aborted by Kyagulanyi are taken to a waste management factory near East London. A former employee this week spoke of his personal trauma escorting midwives carrying buckets filled with foetuses.

“I hated going to work on a Friday because I knew I would have to listen to those screams the whole night. Everybody there (at the centre) knows that this was illegal, but no one wants to talk about it,” he claimed.

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