Friday, June 13, 2008

Life Links 6/13/08

Wesley Smith has a post on the audacity of the Orlando Sentinel to continue publishing false description of Terri Schiavo's condition because they've always been publishing false description.

The Telegraph has the story of a British teen who died three years ago after her RU-486 abortion failed to remove all of her unborn child. One of the reasons the girl had the abortion was because her boyfriend was Muslim and she didn't want to bring shame on his family.
Eventually Miss Jones accepted she would have a termination and went into hospital on June 11 to take medication, returning the following day to complete the abortion.

However, within 48 hours she began bleeding, feeling light headed and ill.

After a scan failed to spot a problem, she continued with her plans to go on holiday with her friends, but returned home early to Bristol, where she was studying, and took a taxi to the city's Southmead Hospital on June 24th, where she suffered seizures and cardiac arrest.

She never regained consciousness and doctors turned off her life support machine three days later.

The ProWoman ProLife blog notes how some pro-choice opposition to the Canadian version of the Unborn Victims of Violence legislation has nothing to do with the substance of the bill.

The Boston Globe has an article on experimental stem cell treatments and the new guideleines issued by the International Society for Stem Cell Research.

Steve Strang details his thoughts on attending the recent meeting between Barack Obama and various church leaders and Obama's answer to his question regarding abortion. For some reason, RH Reality Check's Scott Swenson cuts off the following last sentence in one of Strang's paragraph when discussing Strang's post.
In other words, other than his demeanor and obvious attempt to win over the Christian leaders in the room, he didn’t say anything new.
The only reason I can see why Swenson would cut that sentence off is he wants his readers to falsely believe that Strang believes Obama's position (and not merely just Obama's rhetoric) is more centrist when if you read the entire post, it is clear Strang doesn't believe Obama to be anything close to a centrist when it comes to abortion policies.

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