Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Planned Parenthood doesn't want their less than lawful counseling on YouTube

Well, at least Planned Parenthood cares about one kind of law. Too bad it's not the law that protect girls who have been raped. Michelle Malkin has more on the double standard for undercover reporting based on who the target is.

What I find infinitely amusing is that Planned Parenthood "applaud(ed)" Henry Waxman's report in which Waxman staffers called pregnancy centers and posed as 17-year-old girls who were considering abortion in an attempt to expose them as providing false information. For more information on Waxman's report, here's a National Right to Life article on how his report didn't take the time to thoroughly examine if some the claims about the dangers of abortion to women were true or not.

It seems that going undercover and deceiving people about who you are in order to get information is ok by Planned Parenthood standards if the target is a pregnancy center but not if the target is Planned Parenthoood.

If Lila Rose had taken her camera into a pregnancy center in California and posted a the recording on YouTube, she would be hero in Planned Parenthood's eyes. Instead, she exposed a Planned Parenthood employee turning a blind eye towards statutory rape and in response Planned Parenthood threatens a lawsuit.

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