Thursday, May 31, 2007

Life Links 5/31/07

A California company named StemLifeLine is hoping people who have gone through IVF will want to create their own "personal (embryonic) stem cell lines" from their remaining unborn children. The California Department of Health Services apparently approved this ghastly business of killing your own embryonic children so you can store their cells for yourself. StemLifeLine is marketing it as "insurance for the future" and claims "personalized therapies" with embryonic stem cells "may be just around the corner." They also recommend clients "commit at least ten remaining embryos to this process to ensure high probability for the successful derivation of a personal stem cell line."

I have trouble imagining something more disgustingly selfish.

Wesley Smith and Rita Marker: Dr. Death Rides Again

Michael Gerson: Doing the Right Thing in Darfur

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