Thursday, May 24, 2007

Life Links 5/24/07

Joe Carter: An Open Letter to Fetal Humans
With any luck you'll survive the fetal stage of development and move on to infancy, adolescence, and adulthood. Once you reach this stage of life you'll be able to join other Americans in exercising one of our most cherished and incontrovertible rights: the right to kill a fetus for any reason you choose.

Yesterday, The Detroit News published another article intent on promoting embryonic stem cell research. Key quote:
Opponents of embryonic stem cell research consider research using embryonic stem cells unethical and argue that research on adult stem cells is finding cures, too.
Too? I was unaware embryonic stem cell research was finding cures or even treating humans.
Feldman said that she couldn't conduct embryonic stem cell research in her lab because of state law and limitations placed on labs that receive federal grants -- the source of much of the money for her research.
A more honest article would say, "Feldman can't kill human embryos in her lab because of Michigan law and wants to conduct research on embryonic stem cell lines which aren't approved for federal funding."

Here's a question for somebody from Colorado Right to Life: Do you do anything but attack other prolife organizations?

Michael Gerson on Rudy's abortion muddle.
But Giuliani has chosen an option that is not an option -- a belief that unborn life deserves our sympathy but does not deserve rights or justice. This view is likely to dog him in the primary process, not only because it is pro-choice but because it is incoherent.

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