Tuesday, May 22, 2007

" I know I do not have another option."

That's what a young woman who has an appointment scheduled for Tuesday says about her "choice." This woman also relays she spends time talking to her unborn child.

The choice that isn't a choice.

She also writes (my emphasis), "I read some of the entries before joining and some I got the impression that if you might have these thoughts you might not be ready to have the abortion and you may want to consider having the child. I have considered. I would love to, but there is no way I could afford it and I cannot bring a baby into the world knowing I cannot properly support it."

She would love to have the child but feels she can't afford to and therefore feels she has no other option. Do the pro-choice commenters offer to help her find the financial means and support to continue her pregnancy? Or do they merely tell her she's probably made the best choice (even after she's told them it isn't a choice)?

Take a guess.

So much for pro-choice, huh?

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